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Bit Hotel Open Beta Launch

Bit Hotel Open Beta Release Details

The time has come: the Bit Hotel opens its doors to everyone!

Over the last year Bit Hotel has grown from a small team of ambitious and dedicated developers and marketeers to a whopping 25+ team in a scale-up environment. Next to internal team growth the community has seen a meteoric rise in active participants with a cross-channel total of over 400.000 hotel guests at the time of writing.

Have a moment to take this in for a second… as some of you have been with Bit Hotel from the start and others just found it recently it is good to understand the humble beginnings of this pixelart web3 gaming eco-system.

Now all of this hard work and growth have led to just one moment: the first ever Open Beta. Here’s why you should be excited.

Massive List of Features in the Pipeline

The open beta will host an ever growing number of players as long as the beta keys last. This makes for fun fully occupied lobbies and fierce but satisfactory competition in the mini-games.

Here’s a list of features you will be able to explore when you first log in:
– A fully immersive lobby where you can meet new friends
– Text and voice chat to converse with other hotel guests
– The very first Bit Hotel mini-game: CryptoBomber!
– A shop where you can redeem your hard-earned in-game tickets for NFT items
– A Marketplace where you can sell your NFT items to other users for $BTH tokens
– A bar where you can hang out and have a drink with your friends
– An inventory menu where you can switch to any of the NFT characters you own to get that juicy earnings boost!
– A number of NPCs that teach you all about Bit Hotel and even allow you to earn rewards if you report a bug you found.

Now for some this list of things to explore might not be enough, so we’ve worked around the clock to be ready with a number of new features in the weeks following the Beta release.

Here’s a short list of what you can expect to be added in the next few weeks:
– The lobby elevator will be able to take you to your Bit Hotel room
– 4 new mini-games will be released each with unique mechanics
– Your Bit Hotel room will have multiple ways to customize and gate-keep
– In-game player-to-player item trading will be released
and some secret features you will have to wait for…

All in all, enough new content to make sure you’re never bored playing Bit Hotel! Already excited, get a beta key by following these steps. You can also monitor the social channels for keys, as there will be plenty!

Leaderboard Competitions

To incentivize the lucky hotel guests that found a beta key to keep playing and get rewarded for their time played the leaderboards give out rewards. Every season the leaderboard refreshes and allows new players to fight for the top spots on the board. Those who do get to one of the higher tiers get rewarded in the two Bit Hotel currencies: tokens and tickets. (read)

Now how does this work? Well the leaderboard consists of 5 different sections, the more sought after and competitive the section, the harder it is to get in and the better the rewards.

Here’s an overview:

  • Top 5% Diamond
  • Top 15% Gold
  • Top 40% Silver
  • Top 75% Bronze
  • Top 100% Metal

The first list of leaderboard contestants will be clear by the end of august and will receive an appropriate reward!

Referral System

As you might have seen by now there have been access codes going around the community channels and there is a place on the website to fill one in:

Each key is unique and one-time use, meaning after you created your Bit Hotel account the key is deactivated.

To make sure everyone that wants to play can get a key, people that already have a key get an EXTRA key after they succesfully made an account. Sharing this key with a friend (who then gets an extra key after his sign-up!) will reward you with a referall bonus allocated to your account.

More details of this soon, but definitely important to start sharing your extra key(s) on the social community channels to not miss out on any rewards!

Now what are you waiting for! Hop on over to Bit Hotel and start playing on the 19th of August (onwards). For those who read this far, here’s a list of one-time use beta keys to use for your beta access (one-time use!):


Join more than 300,000 (!) other Hotel Guests who have joined our community channels:

  • Open a MEXC account using this link and trade $BTH with lower commissions!
  • Join our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!
  • Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!
  • Get updated on new community contests on our Telegram!

The Bit Hotel is looking forward to welcoming you!

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