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Bit Hotel Trading Feature

The Bit Hotel In-Game Trading Functionality Explained

Here’s how to trade items between you and your friends

If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering how Trading Requests and in-game trading works. To fully grasp the trading functionality you first need to understand a few things:

  1. What is a wallet? And how do you get one to connect to your account?
  2. How do you get items to trade with?
  3. How do you initiate a trade request and complete your first trade succesfully.

So grab a coffee and buckle up, as we’ll be showing you all this step-by-step in the next few paragraphs!

What you should be doing after reading this article is depicted above!

What is a Wallet? And how do you get one?

Well firstly, we have an awesome article already live that goes into detail on exactly this topic. You can find it here.

Here’s a TL:DR also known as a brief summary of what you need to do:

  1. Get a Metamask wallet using the chrome plugin that can be installed here. This is a crypto wallet that you need to own items in Bit Hotel!
  2. Click “Connect Wallet” in the game and you’re almost there!
  3. Get some BNB gas tokens to pay the few cents you need to make transactions. This can be done using this tool we have in-game (click the “+” sign after connecting your wallet to find the tool)

If you want to learn more, please take a look at this tutorial we made: HERE

How do you get in-game Bit Hotel items?

Now that you should have a wallet connected there are a few ways you can acquire your first Bit Hotel assets. You can get items at the in-game store simply by playing a lot of mini-games or you can get items on the marketplace. Here’s a bit more detail.

The Bit Hotel Shop

In the shop that is accessible from the lobby users can exchange the in-game tickets currency for items. The items you can acquire vary in price and rarity. Each item also has a fixed supply, meaning if it is a beloved item it can sell out quickly. After accumulating enough tickets to get the rarer items you can sell these for a high amount of BTH (the purple other currency) on the marketplace.

The Bit Hotel Marketplace

From within the game and the website you can access the official Bit Hotel (nft) Item Marketplace. This allows you to no only buy items that are out of stock on the store or the website, it also allows you to sell items you already own to other players. The currency you need to trade on the marketplace is the purple Bit Hotel currency ($BTH). You can acquire it on BitMart or with creditcard HERE. You can also collect this currency you need for trading on the marketplace by ending up in the Top 20 on the global leaderboard in-game!

Now that you have found some items you own, it is time to give the player-to-player trading in-game a try. Here’s how it works.

Here’s how to trade directly with a friend in Bit Hotel

Alright it’s time to test the new trading feature! First step is to find a fellow guest and/or friend that you want to trade with. You can find people that own interesting items by using the in-game chat function to ask them about their possessions. Or you can simply send messages about what you are looking for and what you’re willing to offer in exchange.

Of course you can also just see what characters people are wearing and just ask them if they want to trade it with you for something else. Whatever the strategy, after you find a willing counterparty you click on their character and hit the button “Trade Request”.

After you click that button the user you trade requested gets a small popup that allows him to accept or deny your request. Upon accepting the request the trading box opens and you are presented with your inventory of items and two boxes that show what you and the other person wants to trade.

You simply click the item in your inventory and it will pop over to the traidng overview. After you are happy with the items you are trading you can click “Lock” to lock the items in place so that you both are sure it will not change before you confirm the trade! A wallet signature request will be sent for each item upon the Locking of the trade AND the confirmation of the trade.

After signing the wallet transaction(s) you will send your items to Bit Hotel first, and the Bit Hotel wallet will automatically detect whether or not both parties sent their items correctly. If the items are all received by Bit Hotel it will automatically send the corresponding items to the other person that expects them! If however one of the users declines a transaction or the trade itself at any points, all items will be returned to the original owner. So nobody will ever lose an item to people trying to game the system.

We hope this feature is intuitive enough for most people, but if you need some help on anything regarding this feature or others just reach out to a moderator via the channels below!

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