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Affiliate program


Bit Hotel is an online social NFT game that uses Bit Hotel Token as its in-game currency.

Players compete and gamble to collect NFT items and characters and are able to display them in their room. Each room and common room functions as a chat room where you can hang out, chat or trade with other players.

Players and affiliates gain a percentage of spend in the game upon referral.

Bit Hotel lobby
Bit Hotel Referral

Become an affiliate of Bit Hotel

This document will give you all of the information needed to become a publishers within the Bithotel ecosystem and to start earning commissions. 

– Commissions and Revenue share
– Tiers
– Landing pages and creatives
– Incentives
– Affiliate policies

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What we provide to publishers

🛠 Tools

 📈 Stats

💰 $$$

Bit Hotel Tools
Bit Hotel Stats
Bit Hotel Cash

Earn your way up the hotel

All publishers partners of Bit Hotel earn a fixed CPA based payout per in-game action. Next to that, affiliates will be rewarded with lifetime referral revenue that is based on the in-game spend of users brought on via your unique link. At certain volume thresholds you move up a tier in CPA, as shown on the right.

Inside the affiliate dashboard you will be able to see how many users you have brought to How many of them actually bought the BTH token, have played a minimum of one game for actual tokens, or have bought an in-game NFT item.

Every user you bring in will give you a lifetime revenue share of 10%, if they convert within 30 days after signing, you as an affiliate will earn an additional $3,50 commission per user in the Standard segment.

Be the Top Publisher and Get a Hotel Stay

Had a good month? At Bit Hotel all publishers are on an even playing field and the most valuable affiliates get rewarded. From vacations to hotel stays and more. Incentives will be announced in the Discord as well as e-mailed to you monthly. Monthly incentives may include:

  • In-game items in the form of NFT’s and/or
  • In-game access to exclusive events
  • Bit Hotel merchandise, worldwide shipping
  • All inclusive vacations
  • Hotel stays
  • Exclusive real life events
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