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Moonbeam x Bit Hotel integration reveal

Bit Hotel Officially Integrates With Moonbeam

The Bit Hotel is expanding and preparing for a Moon landing!

Bit Hotel is creating a range of custom experiences that enable Moonbeam users to socialize, compete, collect and earn inside of the Bit Hotel eco-system! To celebrate the exciting roadmap ahead, a Moonbeam Hotel Guest NFT airdrop is live (below)!

Moonbeam x Bit Hotel integration reveal

But first, what can you expect to see inside of Bit Hotel when you connect to the Moonbeam chain in your wallet?

The first step, which is live at the time of writing, is to have a place for players to transact in-game assets. In other words a marketplace. If you go to the homepage of the website and connect your wallet you can already select the Moonbeam chain and take a peek at the NFT Marketplace on it.

Now directly following the launch of this first dApp an airdrop is hosted that allows you to get the first ever Moonbeam Bit Hotel NFT! This NFT will allow you to enter exclusive areas in the game, be eligible for airdrops in the future, play Moonbeam exclusive mini-games and more!

So what are you waiting for?

Enter the airdrop here to get a chance to win this first Hotel Guest on Moonbeam:

Join more than 300,000 (!) other Hotel Guests who have joined our community channels:

  • Play around with the Moonbeam NFT marketplace at!
  • Join our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!
  • Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!
  • Get updated on new community contests on our Telegram!

The Bit Hotel is looking forward to welcoming you!

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