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bit hotel trading competition

How to Become a Beta Tester for the Bit Hotel

A complete overview

The Bit Hotel Beta testers will truly be the only first guests. Since we are polite, in order to become a guest you will need to be invited. Please follow this step by step tutorial to learn all about our invitation and referral system.

Step 1. Download the Bit Hotel Pre-registration App

This app is available on IOS and Android, and will allow you to register with your email and BSC address; this cannot be a CEX (e.g. MEXC) address. This is an important step, as you will be receiving your unique personal referral code here.

App interface v.1.0

Here are the download links per platform:

Ps. ignore the screenshots on the app stores, they do not represent the final game.

Step 2. Join Our Beta Testing Trading Competition

bit hotel trading competition
Starts 1st of May, 08:00 UTC

Our beta testing trading competition on Pancakeswap is live! Make sure that you connect to Pancakeswap with the same BSC address you registered your email with. Here are the conditions:

Purchase at least 1000 $BTH tokens, and hold them for 14 days. Make sure you do not stake until the 14 days have passed! As a reward you will receive a unique access code, this reward will go to all participants that met the requirements! Users that decide to stake these may expect a surprise to make its way to their wallet…

This is truly one of the most limited NFT characters we will make, as there can only be one Bit Hotel Beta Release.

The Beta Tester NFT

Step 3. Receive your beta testing invite code

Beta Testing Invitation Homepage! Can be found at!

If you followed steps 1 and 2 correctly, you will receive your unique invite code (one-time use!) in your inbox. Congratulations, this means that you have now been invited to the Bit Hotel Beta Test! Click on the URL attached in the email, you will be taken to the Bit Hotel Beta registration. Input your invitation code here, make an account, and you will receive another invite code. Share it with your best buddy to start Beta Testing Bit Hotel together!

Do note that there will be a limited number of keys given away! After supply runs out, you have to ask a community member to use the invite code they got after sign up! So there is always a constant number of invite keys unused.

Oh yeah, remember those 1000 $BTH tokens that you used to enter the Beta test trading competition? The first 100 beta testers to still hold those tokens, and invite a buddy that wins one minigame; will receive a reward of $BTH 4000.

You are now all set to start Beta Testing Bit Hotel, and be the first to enjoy all the utilities that the Bit Hotel has to offer!

Stay tuned for the launch date!

Join more than 300,000 (!) other Hotel Guests who have joined our community channels:

  • Open a MEXC account using this link and trade $BTH with lower commissions!
  • Join our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!
  • Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!
  • Get updated on new community contests on our Telegram!

The Bit Hotel is looking forward to welcoming you!

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