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NFT Games iOS

NFT Games for iOS

The rise of NFT games for iOS has been meteoric. With the rising popularity of NFTs, it was inevitable that the mobile gaming niche would find a way to combine and create a groundswell. 

NFT games offer players the chance to buy, trade, and earn NFTs by playing games. There are already a host of NFT games on Android and iOS devices as the industry looks to move from strength to strength in 2023. 

NFT games for iOS which are out right now 

Below are the top 10 NFT games out on iOS right now.

Axie Infinity

One of the most popular NFT games on Android and iOS, Axie Infinity is a collectible game in the vein of Pokemon. Players buy and trade land and raise monsters for battle. Each Axie monster is an NFT and can be purchased, traded, trained, and bred to create new Axies and NFTs. 

Axie Infinity offers PvE and PvP gaming modes. In addition, all in-game assets and monsters can be sold for Ethereum tokens on any valid crypto marketplace.

Axie Infinity logo


Sorare is a sport-based NFT game on Android and Apple iOS, allowing players to build their own football (soccer) or NBA dream teams. Collect NFT trading cards for the biggest and best names in two sports. Cards can be purchased and traded using the Ethereum blockchain. 

Players’ teams earn prizes in fiat or Ethereum based on how well their selected players perform in the real world. In 2023 Sorare is also launching an MLB trading platform.

Sorare logo

The Walking Dead: Empires

A survival horror NFT game on Android and iOS set in the world of The Walking Dead. Players must create their camps, craft new supplies, and battle against the undead and other hostile players. 

Players buy land upon which they can build their empires. Each land space is its own NFT, along with the host of in-game characters and weapons. With a rarity-based tier system, you can buy and sell everything on the Ethereum blockchain.  The game is produced by Gala Games.


Pet ownership on the blockchain is the essence of Binemon. A mobile NFT game on Android and iOS. Players can buy, trade, breed, and fuse their pets to create unique characters. Every Binemon ‘pet’ has ten limbs that can be exchanged to create NFT characters. Binemon also offers rewards through PvE, PvP, and Guild War based objectives. You can find eggs, characters, land, and items in the game. All of these you can buy and sell on the in-game marketplace via DRK coin.

Binemon logo


One of the finest MMORPG NFT games on Android and iOS. A free-to-play game, driven by an entirely player-controlled economy. Build your home, craft items, learn recipes and collect 161 Chainmons. Assemble your team and battle other players for game-enhancing rewards. The battle mechanics are much akin to those used in Pokemon. Players can mint “chainmons” to create unique NFTs or gather resources that are all player-owned and tradable on the in-game marketplace. The game is produced by B-Side games.

NFT Games which will launch an iOS playable version in 2023

Below are four three exciting NFT games scheduled to launch on iOS in 2023.


An upcoming sci-fi FPS NFT game for Android and iOS that allows players to collect characters and earn RKV (the in-game currency) by defeating enemies. Characters include humans, robots, aliens, and more. A deathmatch mode will also see players compete in PvP battles, betting currency on the outcome. Interest is high in RocketVerse, which is currently in the presale phase. 

Smash Stars

Currently, in the Alpha testing stage, Smash Starts is a PvP NFT gaming experience on Android and iOS that sets players in a violent arena that offers nowhere to hide. A simple last-man-standing mechanic provides real-world rewards to those bold enough to withstand the storm. 

Players can also collect, buy, trade, and merge characters to create unique and fully tradable NFTs. A playable demo is available now. Smash Stars runs using an in-game currency called HYPE.

Galaxy Fight Club

The first-ever cross-IP NFT gaming experience will pit players in PvP battles using NFTs from different collections. Galaxy Fight Club promises to be the SmashBrothers of NFT games on Android and iOS mobile devices. In addition, Galaxy Fight Club will offer numerous ways to earn money through playing the game. 

Players can mint keys to open loot boxes. Content can be sold on the marketplace or used to enhance players’ stats, helping them place high in competitions and other combat experiences. Galaxy Fight Club runs using an in-game currency called GCOIN. 

Bit Hotel

The most advanced social blockchain game is currently already available in your browser. With a comprehensive in-game leaderboards system and fun arcade games to play with friends, this eco-system is looking to make waves with its mobile app in 2023. Players can own rooms and host experiences such as events and mini-games in there, or even rent them out. All in all Bit Hotel is looking to be a heavy hitter in 2023. 

Bit Hotel logo

Adoption of crypto through mobile gaming 

The crypto adoption through mobile gaming has provided a platform for smaller game studios to establish themselves. However, many big-name (mobile) game developers still need to adopt the blockchain and crypto mentality, while smaller developers who work close to the current trends have been able to capitalize. 

Altogether blockchain gaming is based on playing more to get more which blends seamlessly with the gaming mentality of storyline progression and objective-based completion. Buying, selling, and collecting assets that can be turned into NFTs or cryptocurrency funds is easily adaptable to any gaming genre. This allowed niche-wide adoption of NFT games for Android and iOS systems. 

Apple wants users to pay a transaction fee for all NFT purchases

While there are many NFT games for Android systems, Apple iOS has been more problematic for NFT game adoption. Blockchain transactions incur ETH gas fees, which are transaction fees for transferring tokens or nft items. These are unavoidable feeds related to processing any Ethereum blockchain transactions. 

Apple’s stance is that these gas fees should pass through the Apple store and be regarded as in-app purchases. However, doing so means Apple would collect up to 30% on all transactions, a stance that has caused outrage in the crypto space, as gas fees are service provision costs and not the purchase itself. 

Earning through games on your mobile phone

Play2Earn NFT games on Android and iOS offer players the chance to earn money on the blockchain through playing games. There are a wide range of games spanning many genres that reward players with Ethereum tokens as a form of reward for hitting certain milestones or completing in-game objectives. Some games offer a free-to-play system, while others require an initial crypto-based investment in order to enter the game itself. Regardless, all Pay2Earn games require users to link a crypto wallet. Now NFT games are a force that cannot be stopped. So expect many more fun and mainstream games on your mobile devices that incorporate a blockchain in some capacity. The future is bright!

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