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Bit Hotel year review 2022

Bit Hotel — Year Review 2022

Valued hotel guests, what a year has it been! With so many interesting and scary things happening in crypto in 2022 we are very glad to still be around and building together with you all.

Over the last year we have worked extremely hard to make sure we follow our roadmap and get all the exciting features out the door that you all had been waiting on, which is a rare thing in web3. Luckily we can say we did quite an alright job at delivering product and growing the userbase and community!

Whether you are new to Bit Hotel or have been with us since the beginning, it is always good to take a moment to reflect on the past year. Therefore we have listed the most important milestones of 2022 to reminisce on Bit Hotel over the last twelve months:

Token Generation Event

📅 23rd of December 2021

Bit Hotel listed its own currency just over a year ago, with a succesful launch that reached over a 20M valuation!

💸 Initial MarketCap: $357000
💵 Initial circulating supply: $BTH 21M
💷 Trading pair: $BUSD/$BTH (BNB needed for gas)
🖇 Contract: 0x57bc18f6177cdaffb34ace048745bc913a1b1b54

📍Listed on Pancakeswap

Staking Dashboard Live

📅 16th of February 2022

Bit Hotel Staking Dashboard

Central Exchange Listings

  • BitMart (📅 Thursday the 17th of February 2022)
  • MEXC (📅 Wednesday the May 12, 2022)

Initial Room Offering on Binance

📅 Date: 8th of March 2022

Binance NFT Marketplace

Bit Hotel Team Keeps Expanding

📅 Monday the 13th of June 2022

Read more here:

Open Beta Launch

📅 Friday the 19th of August 2022

Over the last year Bit Hotel has grown from a small team of ambitious and dedicated developers and marketeers to a whopping 25+ team in a scale-up environment. Next to internal team growth the community has seen a meteoric rise in active participants with a cross-channel.

More info about the open beta release

Bit Hotel Blog Official Launch

📅 December 20 2022

As we have been avidly making content on medium for a long time now we have decided to start building up more search engine optimization authority on keywords we want to rank for and therefore we have launched the Official bit Hotel BLOG!

We’ll be writing reviews of other popular games, analyses of different protocols and web3 gaming trends that are searched for on google. So expect quite some new content every week!

Visit our Blog!

In Summary

Overall 2022 has been an insane year for Bit Hotel, with multiple iterations of the game, a massive growth in players and community members and an overall positive sentiment around the eco-system. Now even though we did over 400 announcements in 2022, we had to pick some of the highlights to feature in this article, therefore there is much more to explore if you hop on over to our social channels linked below!

With over 25 people working very hard on the future of Bit Hotel we are certainly very excited on what 2023 will bring! Off to another great year! 🥂

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