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NFT Games stats 2023

NFT Game stats 2023

Recent NFT game stats paint a positive picture of this growing gaming niche, with almost half of all crypto traders willing to consider NFT gaming as a viable investment route. Read on for the NFT Game stats 2023.

NFT games are a surging niche. So far capturing the imagination of games and combining a pay-to-earn mentality with the existing pay-to-win concept that has made mobile gaming such a force.

This article will give a breakdown of the NFT gaming niche and its overall position in the crypto industry as a whole. The upward trends in NFT gaming activity are even more encouraging, considering the tough times that hit the crypto world at the end of 2022.

What are NFT Games?

NFT games are mobile games that allow players to purchase, trade, earn and sell wholly owned NFTs in-game for a real-world profit. NFT games take the pay-to-win microtransaction mentality that dominates the mobile gaming scene and adds a pay-to-earn mechanic. Wherein you can often earn items or currency that you can sell for crypto in these games.

Recent NFT game stats confirm that this is a booming niche that has a bright future. Most NFT games for mobiles are based around a tiered gameplay concept of collecting, battling, and completing objectives in order to obtain rarity-based items and characters. Often these can be combined or bred to create new items and, thus, new NFTs.

Each NFT has a real-world value and is wholly owned by the player controlling it. These NFT assets can be bought and sold via in-game or various third-party marketplaces using blockchain technology.

How many NFT games exist?

There are currently a little over 500 NFT games for mobile devices in a live playable state. Many more are in various forms of testing, including closed alpha and open beta tests, or available on pc.

The interest in NFT games for mobile devices has risen sharply in the past 24 months, and the upward trend indicates it is set to continue despite the crypto crisis that hit in the latter part of 2022.

Overall the success of crypto gaming is primarily thanks to the fact that NFT mobile games build on an already established gameplay base. Which has driven the mobile gaming industry to claim the leading market share across all gaming platforms. Keep on reading for the most interesting nft game stats of 2023.

What are the most played NFT Games?

Below is an overview of the five most played NFT games in 2022.

  • Axie Infinity: A cute and colorful NFT game inspired by the Pokemon mechanic. Collect, train, and battle with Axie monsters. Every monster, item, and piece of land is a tradable NFT. 
  • Splinterlands: A tradeable card game based on a PvP battle mechanic. Players collect, combine and boost their cards to earn better rewards. Sell rare cards in-game for a real-world profit.
  • The Sandbox: An NFT-driven Minecraft-Roblox blend of a game that lets players create their own items. You can buy and sell these items as NFTs. 
  • Alien Worlds: Explore alien worlds and use NFT cards to mine your planets for Trillium – the in-game coin. Gain better equipment for better gains, or sell them for profit. 
  • Sorare – Fantasy Football (Soccer): Collect cards for famous soccer players around the world. Build your ultimate five-player fantasy team and earn in-game rewards based on their real-world performance. Each trading card is a wholly owned NFT that can be traded on the blockchain.

Which games have the highest number of users and the highest market capitalization?

As of November 2022, Alien World was leading the NFT games on mobile with the highest number of users with an average daily rate of over 225,000 Unique Active Wallets (UAW). Alien World’s popularity was up 6% from their numbers in October.

However, oddly enough, Axie Infinity dropped by 41% in October to just 11,000 daily unique active wallets (UAW). Despite this, Axie Infinity remains at the top of the NFT games pile, currently offering the highest market capitalization. However, the crypto gaming scene is ever-changing, and as excitement and understanding build, there will be lots of movement in the market through 2023.

How many games are live, and how many are still in Alpha or Beta?

There are currently 203 NFT games in Alpha testing and a further 299 in Beta testing. So the market will double in size through 2023 and into 2024. Furthermore, there are 225 NFT games in pre-sale and 371 games in development at the time of writing. 

While only some games will make the transition from development concept to live game, the current NFT games stats point towards a potential 3x growth of the genre at a minimum. 

Which countries have the most players?

As might not be surprising, third-world countries see a large appeal in the NFT / Play-to-earn games genre. Surely India is the country that has the most NFT gamers. A recent survey for NFT games stats revealed that 34% of those surveyed had played an NFT game. 

Below are the top five countries for NFT gamers. 

  • India: 33.8%
  • Hong Kong: 28.7%
  • UAE: 27.3%
  • The Philippines: 25%
  • Vietnam: 23%

Incidentally, Sweden is the country that has the fewest NFT game players, with just 4.3%. So there still is a lot of room to grow for the whole industry. Why would you play games for free if you can get paid to do it?

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How Big is the play-to-earn industry, and how big is gaming within crypto?

According to recent NFT game stats, the play-to-earn industry saw more than $55 million trading in October and November 2022. In addition, the different blockchain gaming projects raised $534 million in investment capital during the same period. 

In summary, the size of the play-to-earn industry in terms of active daily gamers for November 2022 was setting its course toward one million (800,875).

Despite the crypto-winter of 2022, the industry has a value of approximately $800 billion. Within that, crypto NFT games account for around $4 billion. However, recent NFT game stats show that 48.6% of current crypto owners are interested in investing in crypto gaming in the near future. What will the NFT games stats do in 2023?

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