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Best NFT Games Bit Hotel

What are the best NFT Games?

NFT games are all the rage these days. If you’ve been wondering what the fuss is about, you’re in for a treat. Because the best way to learn about NFT games is to play them, and we have played them all so you don’t have to! So, what are NFT games? These games look like regular video games, but they offer a new way of interacting with your favorite digital goods. This article will help you understand how NFTs work and how to start earning and playing with them in the best NFT games out there.

What is an NFT?

If you’re just getting into the world of blockchain and all things crypto, you may have seen some terms being thrown around that you’ve never seen before. One such term is non-fungible token (NFT). What exactly does this mean, and why should you care?

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that can be owned and traded. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, NFTs can be used in various ways. They’re unique and distinguishable from one another, as well as non-fungible which means they have unique metadata that distinguishes them from, say, copycats.

The best way to think about NFTs is by comparing them to traditional collectibles—like baseball cards or Pokemon cards—or even actual physical assets like gold coins or real estate property. If a baseball card is worth $10 because it’s rare and people want it for its intrinsic value, then an NFT with similar characteristics will also have a markup (though its price may fluctuate over time). While cards have small hidden unique marks to prevent fake copies from being made, NFTs have unique identifiers such as the creation date stored on a blockchain to protect authenticity.

What does it mean to own an NFT?

Owning an NFT means that you own a digital asset. It’s like holding a physical object, but it exists in the digital world. The most common example is seen in Cryptokitties, an early NFT game where players can collect and breed virtual cats. This game laid the groundwork for later games, which you’ll read about below.

There are many reasons why NFTs are useful in gaming and other industries. The most obvious reason is that they make it possible for developers to create virtual items that can be traded on secondary markets. These secondary markets allow players who enjoy a particular game to buy and sell their items from that game from and to other players. Rather than being forced to rely on random chance to acquire new items through gameplay alone. This also makes it possible for developers to earn revenue from selling these items at higher prices than they would without this type of market system in place. Such as when someone buys something from another player. 

The blockchain component basically adds a set of commonly accepted standards to an in-game item. This allows for easy integration on these secondary marketplaces. It also allows users true ownership of their items: In a regular game, ownership would have been connected to a user account in that game which is owned by the game studio, whereas a crypto wallet is truly yours.

NFT games are different from regular games because they allow you to earn cryptocurrency by playing them. In addition to the NFT itself rising in value, if the game is successful, you can also make money from playing it!

NFTs in the gaming space

The NFT game market is booming, but certain games are better than others.

There is a big difference between games with NFTs and those without. When you play a game with NFTs, there are many benefits. For example, you can:

  • earn crypto by playing the game
  • earn NFTs by playing the game
  • get discounts on goods and services (e.g., hotels) through the game by using your tokens.
  • access exclusive content on platforms like Steemit, which can’t be accessed from other websites

You no longer have to grind for hours to get enough in-game currency to buy cool new gear or upgrade your character’s skills. So that you can eventually sell your account to another user, as is common with games like World of Warcraft. Now, you can play as much as you want—and still, make money while doing it!

What is the difference between “play to earn” and usual games?

As you’ve understood by now, the difference between “play to earn” and usual games is that in the former, you can earn crypto and NFT tokens by playing. This means you don’t always have to spend money to buy a game or pay for any in-game purchases. Instead, you can earn these things by playing the game. You can sell the items you’ve collected and the currency you’ve saved on the open market for real money.

In addition, some of the best NFT games can be played on your mobile phone without downloading them from an app store. This makes it easy for you to access them whenever you want.

Moreover, these games are not bound by any time or location. You can play them anywhere and at any time of day or night, as long as you have a device with internet connectivity (such as your laptop or desktop computer).

The most popular and best NFT games include Alien Worlds, Axie Infinity and Big Time. These triple-A games allow users to compete in multiplayer games and explore vast open worlds–and do it all seamlessly on-chain.

Blockchain-based games

NFT games are a relatively new addition to the gaming industry, but they’ve already made their mark.

When you think of NFTs, you might think of something other than gaming. But, as you’ve learned by now , NFTs can be used in all kinds of ways—including as the basis for gaming experiences that use blockchain technology.

Here’s a list of the top-rated NFT games (often referred to as play-to-earn games), after hours of testing and playing.

Bit Hotel

Bit Hotel is the first-ever blockchain game that lets you earn tangible rewards for playing. It’s a unique and fun way to learn about blockchain technology and a great way to make some extra money on your terms.

The game is set in a virtual hotel where players can socialize, compete, and buy items such as rooms with Bit Hotel coins (BTH). Each item has an in-game utility and allows users to create their own experiences in their rooms.  However, once you play enough and buy items, you can rent them out to other players using BTH tokens—which means you can earn money while playing!

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game that lets you collect, breed, and trade digital creatures called Axies. These digital creatures have different statuses, colors, and patterns, all determined by their genes.

You can earn DNA by playing the game or by buying it from other players. Once you have enough DNA, you can create an egg that will hatch into an Axie with the desired genes.

You can also breed two Axies together to get a new one with better stats than either of its parents had. This process is called siring.

Each week there are challenges to complete to win prizes such as more DNA or new colors for your Axies. You can complete these challenges by playing matches against other players or breeding your Axies. Players are rewarded for competing in SLP tokens, which they can convert to dollars.

The expected earnings per hour are $1.00, which is the current average amount earned per hour by players. However, this figure can vary depending on your circumstances. Things to consider are how much time you spend playing and whether or not you have purchased any in-game items or accessories.

Crypto Space Commander

Crypto Space Commander is a space-themed collectible card game (CCG) that allows you to build a fleet of ships and battle against other players. As you progress through the game, you will collect more cards and level up your fleet.

The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning all transactions are recorded in an immutable ledger. This makes it easy for players to verify their wins and losses, and prevents cheating.

The estimated earnings on Crypto Space Commander are $0.10-$0.20 per hour. This figure is based on the assumption that you’re playing the game at an average pace, using no particular strategies or hacks to boost your profits. If you use any such methods, you’ll likely earn more than $0.10-$0.20 per hour.


Decentraland is an open-source virtual world where users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications. The platform uses NFTs as its digital asset of choice. Users can buy and sell these NFTs to others in the community. This allows them to build their own virtual spaces, or trade items with one another.

Users can also buy land parcels on the platform using MANA (Decentraland’s native currency), which they can design and build. These spaces are shared by all users who own land in that area, meaning that when you visit someone else’s land parcel, you’ll see their creations—which could include anything from a 3D model of a car or house to a giant statue of an alien space creature!

When you visit another user’s space or purchase an item from them, you’ll see your avatar walking around their land parcel in real-time according to where they have placed it on the map. This gives Decentraland its unique feel. Everything appears so different depending on who built it—and there are no limits!

The platform allows users to earn money by playing games, hosting events, or renting their land to other users. The average hourly earnings for Decentraland users are about $0.07. Although this number varies depending on what you do on the platform. For example, if you host an event on your land or rent it out to another user who wants to host it, your hourly earnings will be higher than if you play games or explore other people’s lands.

Gala Games

Gala Games is a suite of blockchain-based games that allows players to earn money by playing their favorite games.

The company has developed a platform for online gaming to allow players to earn cryptocurrency. The platform is designed to offer various games, including role-playing and card games. Its primary goal is to create an ecosystem that rewards players for participating in the game.

In addition, Gala Games will also reward developers who create new games for the platform. They do this through their currency called Gala tokens. This will help developers earn money from creating new games on the forum. While also not having to worry about any other costs associated with development or marketing costs.

Gala Games has already launched several games on its website, including Crypto Hunter (an MMORPG), Crypto Sportsman (an online sports betting game), Crypto Poker (an online poker game), Crypto Blackjack (an online blackjack game), and Cryptopoly (a board game based on Monopoly but with Bitcoin instead of money).


Illuvium is a crypto game that lets you earn crypto by just playing it. It is also the first blockchain-based game built on the Ethereum Network focusing on creating a social gaming experience for its players. It’s not live yet, but will be in the near future.

The game was created by a team of gaming experts and developers. They sought out to address the issue of how modern games are designed with an emphasis on monetization over player experience. They believe Illuvium will change this by providing players with an enjoyable gaming experience while incentivizing them to play more.

Big Time

Big Time is a crypto collectible game built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The game’s goal is to get as many points as possible in 30 seconds. You earn points by tapping on the screen. Every time you tap on the screen, it counts as one point (there are no decimal points).

In this game, you can buy and sell real-world assets like artwork and antiques, represented as “crypto collectibles” in the form of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens are stored in a wallet that can be accessed from your computer or mobile phone. You can then use these tokens to trade with other players or sell them for real-world money.

For every action you take within the game, you earn money! The amount of money earned per action depends on how long it takes for someone else to complete an action after yours was completed. The longer it takes for someone else to complete an action, the more money you will earn. The expected earnings per hour for Big Time are $0.04.

NFT games: which game is the best?

Bit Hotel is one of the best NFT games to play. Especially if you are looking for a game that is easy to learn but challenging to master. The game is very social in nature and allows users to add friends, host events, compete, and earn through the competitive leaderboards system. You can compete in Cryptobomber, a play on the original Bomberman game. Earn in-game tickets that you can exchange for items at the hotel shop. Guilds and clans can set up their own base in the hotel as well, and make their own rules and mini-games. The possibilities are endless!

One of the best things about this NFT game is that it’s free to play. There are no monthly subscriptions or fees.

Bit Hotel also features special events. These events provide players unique opportunities each week or month, depending on when they are played. Events include leaderboard seasons, free upgrades, and discounts on items needed to fill your room, such as furniture or decorations.. These events allow players to earn more coins than usual without spending any real money!

We got mentioned by as one of the best NFT Games out at this moment. Check out their article in Dutch on this page. Or their Bit Hotel review on this page.

More mini-games will release in the nearby future on the Bit Hotel platform, so go on and start playing on Or check out more NFT Games and Play to Earn games content on the Bit Hotel blog.

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