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Wolfgame NFT

Wolf Game: First Impressions and Review

Wolf Game is a blockchain NFT game that delivers an authentic gaming experience with rich graphics and exciting items for you to discover. It is also the first blockchain game that allows fans to contribute creative ideas for developing new updates for the game by voting, usually rewarded by the developers with free virtual assets. It is based on a trustable leaderboard, where fair games are ensured by smart contracts and decentralized computing nodes to avoid cheating or fraud.

The Game

Wolf Game is a new game taking the crypto-gaming world by storm. In it, you and your friends can play as wolves or sheep—and even the wolf-playing players don’t know who they are!

In a thrilling series of easy-to-learn, yet highly interesting games, Wolves and Sheep are stacked up against each other. Together with Land, Farmers, Wool Pouches, and unique Relics, they make up the available NFTs in this realm on the blockchain. 

Sheep produce wool, which eventually can convert to WOOL tokens. As a sheep farmer, the more land you own and the more sheep you breed, the more Wool Pouches you can earn to boost your WOOL token balance. However, wolves are lurking in the shadows to steal your precious sheep and their lucrative coats.

Through strategies and risky games, you can multiply your earnings – or end up empty-handed. In this process, you might also stumble upon gems. If you do so, lucky you – when you burn a gem, you receive a rare Farmer type (or, in other words, a scarce NFT).

New games in which you can go head-to-head with your peers will release regularly. So, keep an eye out for updates and get your hands on as much wool as you can!

How do Wolf Game rewards work

Wolf Game rewards are a way to earn NFTs within the game. They are a way for you to be rewarded for playing and winning matches, completing quests, and participating in events.

There is no limit on how many rewards you can earn, but some have limited quantities. You will have to use these rewards wisely because they can only be spent on certain things in the game.

You can use your WOOL coins to buy things like:

●  WOOL coin packs (which contain special items)

●  emotes (for your character)

●  decals (to decorate your home base)

●  experience boosts (to level up faster)

The Wolf Game NFT rewards program allows players to earn tokens by completing challenges and leveling up their accounts. Players can also participate in competitions and tournaments for additional rewards.

Each player gets a unique ID number from the Wolf Game NFT system when they create an account. This ID number will be used for all future transactions within the Wolf Game ecosystem, including purchasing items from stores or selling them on the marketplace. When you buy something from another player’s store, you don’t need any money—you need enough tokens in your account.

Why do you need a Wolf Game NFT?

Wolf Game NFTs allow players to join the game, get rewards, and trade their NFTs on secondary markets. The primary purpose of the NFT is to help players make money through playing Wolf Game.

By owning a Wolf Game NFT, you own a digital asset within the game. There are many reasons why you need a Wolf Game NFT:

1) Use your NFT as an investment, which will have value as long as people play the game.

2) Buy and sell your NFT on the marketplace with other players worldwide. The marketplace is one of the essential features in the platform that allows you to do this.

3) Trade your NFT for other items or currencies within the platform. If you want something new or different from what you already have, you’ll have to find someone with that and trade.

4) Use the marketplace to sell any items or currencies you do not want or find less valuable than others because there are so many different types of things available at any time! 

Do I buy a wolf or a sheep?

When deciding whether to buy an NFT, you must ask yourself: Do I buy a wolf or a sheep?

The answer is… both.

Your portfolio should contain wolves and sheep, but it’s up to you to decide how many of each. Wolves are the more aggressive investments, while sheep are the more conservative.

Wolves tend to be high-risk/high-reward investments that can get you rich quickly—but they also tend to go bust quicker than if you had invested in a sheep. Sheep are less volatile but will not make as much money for you over time as a wolf would have. See the whole collection on OpenSea.

Wolf Game NFT
Will the Meta Masked Fox outsmart the Wolf?

Comparison Wolf Game NFT – Bit Hotel

Wolf Game is an NFT Game that allows users to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets with other players. The game is based on the Hunter/Gatherer model of economics, and it has some similarities to Bit Hotel.

First, both games use a system of economics based on scarcity. In Bit Hotel, there are only so many rooms available. In Wolf Game, there are only so many wolves available for purchase at any given time. The scarcity of these items means that you can only buy or sell them in certain times and for specific prices.

Second, both games have a primary gameplay mechanic that allows users to earn coins and tokens by playing the game itself. In Bit Hotel, users can build out their rooms and collect rent from guests. In Wolf Game, users can hunt for food or hunt other wolves for rewards (and sometimes even participate in tournaments).

Thirdly (and most importantly), both games have an element of chance involved—players cannot guarantee that they will get what they want when they buy an asset. In Bit Hotel, players may not get enough tokens to build more rooms; in Wolf Game, players may not get enough food to survive another day (or earn enough points).

In the end, it’s up to you which of these NFT games works best for you. Why not try them both to see which one’s the winner?

Get your beta key in the Bit Hotel discord and start playing at

Or read more Play to Earn articles on the Bit Hotel blog.

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