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Bit Hotel first update of 2023

Bit Hotel — First Game Update of 2023 🚀

Valued guests, just a few days after we entered in 2023 we actually have a large update for you. A number of bugs have been addressed and a list of upgrades have been made! Hop in to the Beta now and view the NEW changes listed below! 🆕

The Moonbeam Room is Live

A new area of Bit Hotel just opened up! It’s an intergalactic arcade room hosted by Moonbeam, wherein you will soon be able to complete quests and earn unique Moonbeam rewards! Stay tuned on further updates on this clubhouse to be the first to participate in the Moonbeam promotions!

Invite Your Friends for Rewards!

Always wanted to play Bit hotel with your buddies? Now you can invite them to sign up and both get a little reward! For every friend you refer you and the one using your referral link will both earn 100 tickets!

If you own a Youtube channel or other social media account with some followers, definitely don’t miss out on this and share your link! (only works on desktop and android mobile)

Easily Top Up Bit Hotel Tokens

For new and younger users it might be hard to get the in-game currency BTH to buy items from other players on the marketplace. In order to facilitate easy interactions we’re bringing the currency partially off-chain to allow easy and gassless transactions. So we’re proud to announce that the shop also accepts this newoff-chain BTH now, making players get a small headstart by buying items in the shop with this sBTH.

New Characters Playable and Inventory Bugs Fixed

As a lot of users had issues with items not showing up this should now be addressed. As long as users dont have multiple account connected to one wallet it should now work. We’ve also added a bunch of new items to be shown in inventory! This includes a bunch of new playable characters!

Coming Soon…

We’re not done yet, here’s a list of what you can expect very shortly. The devteam does not sleep much anyway so we’ll try to get these out to you as soon as we can!

  • New Mini-Game
  • Wallet and Chain Switching User Interface
  • Room feature upgrades (interactible furniture)
  • New Off-chain Marketplace functionality (items will remain on-chain)
  • Much much more!
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